Begging for Climate Change

Posted: December 6, 2012 Category: Environmental, General, Uncategorized

We need climate change. Not the terrorist war on clean air that’s currently happening; what we need is a climate regression – a divergent spectrum from the life-sucking Earth-killing thing that we’ve got going on. We’re talking about bringing back the days where the possibility of breathing clean air still existed alongside a guaranteed future for humanity, rather than continuing our saunter up the apocalyptic death trail into the woods of despair.

Public opinion of climate change is skyrocketing in the right direction. Now the only problem is swaying the Suits to take action on the matter. One of the main issues surrounding this is that of our global economic dependency on a system that cyclically destroys the planet – big oil. In an important talk by Kevin Anderson, Professor of Energy and Climate Change at the Tyndall Center, University of Manchester, Anderson stated that when looking at the emissions impact the fossil-fuel industry is having on the planet, we cannot afford to pursue the growth-at-all-costs model of economic development any longer.

Yes, people are getting rich from stripping and beating Earth down to the last shred of fight it’s got left in it, while the rest of us sit here broke and complaining about it. But, never fear, it seems that hope is on the horizon…sort of.

Though no major shifts have taken place yet, concerns have reached as far up as the UN, who yesterday declared it the responsibility of the world’s richest nations to come to a conclusion about a global climate pact by the year 2015 – a deadline that “must be met” as said by the head of the United Nations. Even countries like Qatar, which happens to be very rich in oil, are starting to wake up. The first protest this country has ever had was regarding action on climate change. Judging by this literally being the country’s first public protest, there is obviously a growing concern worldwide on the matter of climate change. And not only that, but the people are talking about it.

Public opinion is the only wave that can counter the monolithic tsunami of economically-driven destruction headed Earth’s way. By educating those around us, and those around you, we can band together and shift policy regarding climate change in a very strong way… It’s just a matter of persistence now.

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image courtesy of Timm Suess

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