Batteries Take A Step In The Right Direction

Posted: December 20, 2012 Category: Blog, Environmental, General

Literally. Doubtful? Don’t be.

Apple has in fact recently patented movement-powered charging technology. (Now in English) Apple has patented technology that will potentially provide future iPhone owners with the ability to charge their phone simply by walking with theirĀ deviceĀ in their pocket. Pretty cool stuff isn’t it?

Not only this, but new research developments have actually led to the discovery of a longer-lasting and ultra low-cost battery made with water and blue dye…which seems even more far-fetched from the previous statement. But with these in mind, imagine the future possibilities of these technologies…or even if they were fused together into an ultimate hybrid battery that could potentially be used in all mobile devices. Now there’s some food for thought.

The breakthroughs we’re seeing scream one thing: sustainability. Not only do these advances contribute to sustainable technology in the sense of waste-prevention, but in preservation of resources and new explorations into alternatives to develop a sustainable future through battery and alternative technology.

These steps are taking cleantech in the right direction and showing us that batteries are a future energy force that’s not to be reckoned with. Even vehicles are slowly making the switch from fuel to battery-powered engines, proving the imminent role battery power is to play heading into the development of a world with cleaner technology and cleaner air.

Heading into 2013 it’s no mystery that we’re bound to see some leaps forward in sustainable methods, so stay tuned to our Twitter account to be on top of the latest and greatest in cleantech, environmental news, real estate, and much more.

image courtesy of scalespeeder

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