Climate Change Is Killing You Too

Posted: December 15, 2012 Category: Blog, Environmental, General

Those still unconvinced of the potential detriment we are about to bring upon ourselves by forcing hands to participate in an economic structure that will eventually dissipate is damning not only society’s financial structure, but the future of employment, and most importantly, the health of those involved, and those who aren’t.

Economics aside, the risk that the fossil fuel industry poses for employment is quite great, with seemingly little regard for the future of the industry and its employees. Currently, a monolithic number of citizens are employed across the globe (for very appealing wages) because of the oil industry, creating an influx of employees and industry -a ‘bubble’, if you will. When we look at the future complications of said system, it screams disaster. Not only will the entire industry collapse once the Earth meets its end for oil output, but in one foul swoop, we will single-handedly cripple a global workforce leaving them with no future employment or direction. Furthering the exploration of clean-tech could provide an employable future workforce (one that has no literal end in sight), while bettering the conditions of the planet, progressing industry, expanding economic paradigms…Sound like a no-brainer?!

Renewable and sustainable methods are the way of the future, not only for environmental reasons, but social ones. Through the progression of sustainable methods and technologies, we can provide a potentially infinite supply of employment, while contributing to the well-needed recovery of Earth; not to mention we can cease to emit chemicals in the air that are harming individuals worldwide, whether it be through water pollution, contamination of clean air, or various other atrocities derived through the process of fossil fuel extraction.


image courtesy of Valerie Everett



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