Christmas Came Early

Posted: December 13, 2012 Category: Blog, General, New Features, Real Estate

Well, not fully, but let us at least give you something to get excited about heading into the New Year. We will be re-branding our Real E.Net document, transaction and business management software for real estate, and releasing the anticipated version 2.0 under its new name: Deal Manager.

The new Deal Manager is designed to boost your productivity to a whole new level with unparalleled features in real estate technology like instant updates throughout the transaction process, which will be available in the New Year thanks to our new Deal Tracker; one of the many 2.0 software feature upgrades. Stay tuned everybody, this will be coming your way very soon.

To tease you a bit more about why to get excited about the Deal Manager, allow us to present some of our latest features:

Single Deal Payout

  • Streamlines the payout of commission on a single deal. We’ve merged the batch processing power to a single deal, allowing for quick payouts, calculating agents’ commission and deductions, as well as cheque printing.

Agent Commission Cheque

  • We’ve revamped the cheque creation and presentation of the agent’s stub to include detailed information on the current commission payment. An Agent Revenue Summary is now included on the stub to provide your agents with a compressed and easy to read update of their current year’s progress.

Not enough? Wait until your agents sink their teeth into the Deal Manager to Go, our web app to trump all real estate web apps. Here are some (we can’t give it all away just yet) features of this revolutionary technology.

Commission Deal Calculator

  • Deals entered by agents now have a new powerful commission calculator that takes advantage of Brokerage defaults while allowing custom changes.

New Calendar

  • When entering dates, users now have the option of selecting from a popup calendar for improved efficiency and convenience.

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