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Posted: April 30, 2013 Category: Blog, General, Industry News, Real Estate

The world is filled with talkers, but not many walkers. The timeless question for many real estate agents and brokers is how they can differentiate themselves from the competition; to appear as the more legitimate choice when it comes to doing business. Many approaches are taken to try and achieve these levels of appeal, but we’re about to let you in on a little secret: It doesn’t take as much as you think! All you need is the right set of tools and (of course) to know how to use master them. Let’s take a look at some of the stepping stones to the debut of your real estate success story.

Presentation: We’re not talking about clean breath and nice clothes – hopefully you’ve figured that one out for yourself by now. When talking about how you present yourself to your clients, there’s much more to it than simply looking the part. One of these for example are e-mail and phone etiquette, which, whether you like it are not, are vitally important, especially when encountering a new lead. E-mail is undoubtedly the most adopted form of communication in the professional world as we know it, so to match your new clothes and fancy haircut, take the time to ensure that your e-mail appearance is acceptable and professional in order to further trust with your clients. Reply within reasonable mounts of time, don’t rush it (that’s how details get skimmed over, which freaks people out entirely) and make sure your spelling, phrasing, and signature are all on-point. Think of it this way: if a client you’ve never met before’s first impression of you is a grammatical e-mail disaster with no capitals, lackluster spacing, little to no detail, spelling mistakes, phrasing errors…we could go on. At the end of the day, no clients are going to trust you with the largest potential investment of their lives if you don’t appear smarter than a 5th grader. Having an e-mail signature with your contact details is also excruciatingly important (so that people can get in touch with you!).

Execution: Now that you’ve got a grip on how to look and sound the part, it’s time to play it. The execution of your tasks is just as important as how you present yourself; the only difference is that one is more ‘face-value’ than the other. This is the part where you take the slick professional agent that’s on your business cards, on your website, on the phone, and in e-mails, and make them come to life for your clients. How, you ask? Well, showing up to meetings on time, taking calls when they come through, returning to messages promptly, thinking ahead (for both you and your clients’ sake), and all-around being on top of everything so that your clients don’t break into a sweat every time you talk to them would be a solid start.

Looking for a better way to stay on top of everything? Well, look no further – we’ve got it!

The Deal Manager To Go now gives you the freedom of having what we like to call a ‘pocket office’ without having to buy new pants. We’re not kidding. It’s all in there. From entering deal sheets online, to tracking your expenses, checking deal archives, and personalized performance reports – there’s no reason for you to miss a beat again.

Want more? Check out the The Deal Trackerbringing unparalleled communication effectiveness to the table. It’s essentially our answer to all your problems. Now you’ll never forget where you parked your deal! You’ll love the gentle reminders that not only you’ll be receiving, but also the effortlessness of the process, without a doubt. You no longer have to fret about sending 100’s of emails to remind lawyers, to remind clients, to remind you that you need to be reminded. Once you see how easy it is to track your deals in real time and how much communication time you’re saving, heck, you might just go out and do something crazy, like close more deals.


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