Got Wood?

Posted: February 21, 2013 Category: Blog, Environmental, General

We tend to focus a lot of our efforts talking about clean energy and other environmental issues on our blog; however this week we’re talking about something that we have a lot more to do with: Trees.

As mentioned in a new post by, the demand for wood is likely to triple between now and 2050; a frightening projection based on the global increases in population and in bio-energy.

The unfortunate reality of seeking alternative methods to improve sustainable construction and design, is that ‘renewable’ resources such as trees will be turned to, as their consumption is essentially less harmful that other possible alternatives. However, it would seem that in order to achieve this projected increase in demand that preemptive planting must ensue to sustain the supply and demand; a concept that we’re pretty certain hasn’t caught on yet.

As it stands wood is a very important and highly used resource, yet these methods have a potential expiry date, should measure not be taken to sustain the usage of these materials. In order to meet the potential demand, resource providers must start preparing for this presumed increase should they wish to stick around when their sector booms in popularity.

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