On The Edge of Our Seats

Posted: January 18, 2013 Category: Blog, Environmental, General

This coming month, President Barack Obama is expected to make a decision on whether or not to approve the Keystone XL pipeline; a pipeline project that would span from the Alberta tar sands all the way to Texas. Though it may not appear to be the case, this approval or disproval is a big deal for environmentalists worldwide.

We’re siting by and waiting on the most powerful nation in the world’s decision, not only on the Keystone Xl Pipeline, but on whether or not they will continue to perpetuate the usage of fossil fuels, and empower the industry surrounding them which has systematically exploited the resource to the point of creating a global climate change, or whether they’ll turn a new leaf and look to more sustainable energy and industry as their new direction going forward.

In light of the impending decision regarding the pipeline, environmentalists have released two recent reports outlining the potential detriment the project will bring, and it looks at lot worse than expected, and are strongly urging the President to take these into account during his decision-making process.

“Filling the Keystone XL pipeline with oils and crude will create significant greenhouse gases regardless of whether other transport options move forward,” said Nathan Lemphers, a researcher at Pembina. “Because Canada does not have a credible plan for responsibly developing the oil sands, including reducing emissions so Canada can meet its climate commitments, the pipeline should not go ahead.”

Clearly there’s a huge back-and-forth regarding this issue. We’re just hoping that President Obama can grasp the scope of his decision. Should he refute the pipeline, he would be setting a standard and example for countries worldwide, save not one, but two countries from negative environmental impacts,  and furthermore prevent the burning of these massive potential amounts of fossil fuels which affect the globe.

Should he accept the proposal…well, let’s just wait and see.

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