Cleaning up the Future

Posted: February 28, 2013 Category: Blog, Environmental, General

It’s no secret now that public opinion if shifting in favour of a potentially greener tomorrow. With technological advances in electric and battery-powered technology, we have now reached a transitional phase in energy usage where we’re slowly moving towards these less detrimental alternatives. However, despite these improvements and the shift in public demand, it appears that the people who have the power to make the full ‘switch’ from fossil fuels to electric alternatives don’t show much care for the latter. Which seems strange considering that even the US Military are making strong efforts to achieve much ‘greener’ practices.

In spite of the obvious advantages to switching environmental gears, the practices in place that not only encourage the ravaging of the planet in search for oil are in fact helping these multi-billion dollar corporations save obscene amounts of money through a clause that was introduced in the 90’s to encourage the then-suffering oil industry. However, now that that this industry is booming beyond fathomable capacity, the same courtesy is not being given to the encouragement of sustainable technology and energy, while oil companies reap larger profits AND larger government gratuities year after year, regardless of this obvious disjoint in policy. So what can we do to shift these large sums of money the oil companies are benefiting from and shift them in a greener direction?

The only real answer to this question is for all of us to keep on the same course, and to encourage those who are taking a stand against the grain, like UPS, who just launched 100 electric delivery vehicles in California, taking numbers of their fleet of alternative-energy and sustainable vehicles up to nearly 2,500. We can also consider divesting in oil research and companies, and take our money elsewhere in hopes of a cleaner future.

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