Is That A…House?

Posted: February 8, 2013 Category: Environmental, General, Real Estate

Last week we posted a compilation of creatively sustainable properties; more specifically, a series of old water-towers that were renovated into living spaces rather than destroyed and built upon.

This week we stumbled across a brilliant compilation of images of some of the most remote ‘establishments’ in the world. Some are underwater, others in mountains, and others in remote desert and arctic areas. Below are a few of our favourites from the full series, courtesy of Gizmodo.

Porer Lighthouse – Eastern Adriatic Sea


Buddhist Shrine – Chang La Pass, 5360m elevation


NASA Radome – McMurdo Station, Antarctica


Concordia Research Station – Antarctica, 3200m elevation


Tekite I Habitat – Great Lameshur Bay, Saint John, U.S. Virgin Islands

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